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Research Proves It Works:

Research has proven that introducing a binaural beat will cause the brain to begin resonating in tune with that beat.

1) “A Comprehensive Review of the Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment”, Tina L Huang, PHD, and Christine Charyton, PHD.

This binaural beat research paper nicely summarises 20 previous peer-reviewed studies into the psychological effects of Brainwave Entrainment.

The overall conclusion was that brainwave entrainment is an “effective therapeutic tool”. People suffering from cognitive functioning deficits, stress, pain, headaches & migraines, PMS and other behavioural problems all benefitted from using binaural beats.

A sample quote from this paper: “The immediate psychological effects on memory, attention, stress, pain, headaches and migraines were shown to benefit from even a single session of brainwave entrainment”.

One study even found that improvements in intelligence and behaviour lasted after the binaural beats were withdrawn, and that previous users could now produce the brainwave frequencies induced by BWE on their own. This suggests that the results can be permanent, even after you stop using binaural beats.

Great Results Reported By Thrilled Clients


You magnificent bugger, you. I purchased the MAM Turbo package early this morning and downloaded all the audio files. That was a few hours ago and I have done nothing else with them aside from tell my wife how I think they might help us. Let me tell you what has happened already.

First, a little background. I’ve been working on a vision for a web enterprise with several dynamics for quite some time. I’m in it for the long haul, not the quick cash. I own your blog curation product and am engaged with your SSF as well.

Fast foward – In the short time since downloading the MAM material this morning, I have a new dimension in my vision for my web enterprise. Suddenly, I see on my master plan the main product package with each of the sub-set products. Simply amazing. I haven’t even opened the MAM material yet!

I’ve always been a very strong big picture idea guy but there seems to be more clarity in the vision this morning. Today’s development provides the beginning of the road map for the development of the main product package. Many thanks for your help. I eagerly anticipate what will come in the days and weeks ahead as I dig in to MAM.


Dave Weining

—Dave Weining

Hi Harlan,

I am LOVING these videos and the Money Acceleration Matrix –

I think they’re precisely what the doctor ordered for getting past some internal roadblocks.

Thanks so much for putting this together!

And maybe it would work better to leave the elves some treats.

If you make them mad, they may become even more mischievous. :)




Hey Harlan,

Most definitely!!!

I’ve run all recordings once and I am firing on ALL 6 cylinders.

They have pulled me out of the rut I have been in for fr too long now.

Thank you so much for introducing this “Must Have” tool to my “Online Arsenal”.



London (UK)


OK, 5th try was a charm.

Just finished watching the Tony Robbins video and wow.

I’ve been using the MAM every day and have seen a big shift in how much I get done.

I also noticed the one day I didn’t listen to the material I didn’t get as much done, or should I say, I didn’t have the same attitude or overall feeling about the day and the tasks at hand.

Great stuff Harlan.

Thanks for helping me train my brain.




Hi Harlan,

Yes I can honestly say that my focus is improving.




More Proof From Clinical Research

 Research Papers from Wilson, 1990, and Rhodes, 1993

Conclusion: Binaural Beats increase relaxation, meditation, pain management, improve sleep, and reduce stress.

3) Research Paper from Hiew, 1995

Conclusion: Binaural Beats help to increase creativity, relaxation and meditation.

4) Research from Robert Monroe, Monroe Institute

Binaural Beats “increase focus, problem solving, creativity, memory, learning, sleep induction, pain control and enhanced learning”.

This study was also reported in the 1986 book Megabrain, by Michael Hutchison.

5) Research Paper by Dr Siegried Othmer

In this study brain wave entrainment usage was shown to produce average IQ increases of 23%.

In cases where the IQ was lower than 100 to begin with, the average IQ increase was 33 points.

Dr Othmer also reported “dramatic improvements” in the subjects’ visual retention (i.e. memory), auditory memory, reading and arithmetic.

In a follow-up study after one year, Dr Othmer reported “major” long-term improvements in self-esteem and concentration, and “significant” improvements in sleep patterns, irritability, organisation… and even handwriting.

More Delighted Clients Tell About Their Results

This is great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

I have been listening to the binaural beats daily … There is an interesting thing happening … Not sure exactly why ,,, My focus with affirmations is professional … Still, I lost six pounds this week because I am making better food choices … And my living space is less cluttered … I am getting more organized, not because I set out to do that, it is becoming a natural thing to do.

This may sound odd but I felt a Prozac-like rush about mid week. I used Prozac when I was in therapy over 20 years ago. When the effect of that drug kicks in after taking it for about two weeks there is a wave of calmness, a very physical sensation, very pleasant. I’ve been dosing myself pretty heavily with your binaural beats.

I hope you have a great day. I am looking forward to your Webinar.




Hi Harlan,

Just a quick feedback to you.

On the first day I try the relax module.  I was so tired rushing my work  and so I  took a nap by leaning on my bed for an hour with my headphone on with the beat playing.

To my surprise, I was totally refresh after the 1 hour nap(usually I still feel very tired and with slight headache)  and I switched to the focus module and work productively for several hours and complete a whole bunch of work that usually take me one to two days to finish.

After using your product for several days, what I can say is that your product really works!   It help to boost my productivity and prevent my mind from wandering around.




Hi Harlan:

Yes, I’m noticing more focus–especially when I put on the Focus and Concentration music–I really hone-in on what I am doing, with much less distraction and temptation to do other web-related things. Also, I find that some annoying habits are changing for the better, such as putting things away right away instead of piling for later. Yay.

I really enjoy this program and miss it when it’s not on and I’m working on the computer.


Kimberly Smith

—Kimberly Smith

Still More Scientific Proof

Alternative Therapy Health And Medicine, 2001

This study looked at the effectiveness of binaural beats for the treatment of anxiety. Subjects used them 5 times a week for four weeks. The result was that listening to binaural beats caused a “significant reduction” in the subjects’ anxiety score.

Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, Jan / Feb 2007, “Binaural Beat Technology in Humans: A Pilot Study to Assess the Psychological and Physiological Effects”, by Helane Wahbeh, Carlo Calabrese, Heather Zwickey.

This binaural beat research study involved 8 healthy adults over a 60 day period.

The subjects who used binaural beats reported a “decrease in anxiety, and an increase in the quality of life”.

There is no doubt that science proves binaural beats work.

Now you let let them work in your life.

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Even More Elated Clients Tell Their Story

Hello Harlan

I have noticed that the MAM recordings are giving me more focus – in my case, they seem to have an energizing effect. If I seem to lose focus and energy while doing something, the recordings give me a burst of energy that brings me back to full alertness and energy.

Charles McPherson

—Charles McPherson

Dr. Kilstein,

I am noticing that my focus is getting sharper and I am more relaxed.

Looking forward to future gains as I continuing using the Matrix to take massive action.

Joe Begalle

—Joe Begalle

Hi Harlan,

I feel I’m achieving some real benefits from both the Magical Money Magnet  and the Money Acceleration Matrix course.

certainly, I use the audios everyday  – at different times.

I am certainly focusing more on getting key stuff done. The couple of things that are still’waiting to be completed’ should get ‘dealt to’ very soon.

Despite the fact that I have a large credit debt I’m confident about what I am doing.
I manage things day to day and constantly visualize the abundance I’ll reap in due course.

The bin aural music is great! Why I haven’t turned to that for help before I don’t know – I sure appreciate it now.

Yes my focus has increased.




Hi Harlan

Thank you very much for creating the Money Acceleration Matrix

I have found that my depth of focus has increased and I feel more inwardly connected.

Very many Thanks

Marion Philpott

—Marion Philpott

Dear Harlan,

The first day I played as much as the matrix as I could. I went home and there was a check in the mail! Of course it was a paycheck but I didn’t expect it in the mail.

I have been playing these over and over and when I do,  I am a little more focused on my work and it feels like I am speeding up inside. I know that sounds weird.

I will continue to use them to see what other results I have.




Hi Harlan,

I have been using the Relax recording since I bought the Money Matrix program.  I feel no fears about money anymore (never knew I had them)  I realized making money is “No Big Deal” and I know I can do it with ease.  I’m done with the Relax program and I’m going to use the other recordings to ramp up my actions.

Also I’m flying out tomorrow for vacation/work  to meet one of the top mangers of a new big social media company I’ll be working for!  It’s part-time first and it’s a start!

PS  I plan on working for myself in the near future.

Peace,  Clinton


Harlan, I listened to all 4 yesterday as you recommended and yes I was highly productive.



Hi Harlan,

I have been using your cd’s for a week now and I have noticed a definite change in my focus and concentration.
This past weekend I had to complete my tax assessment for my practice for the year. I have been postponing this and after listening to your cd’s I just got right into it and finished the whole lot in one day!! Quite amazing!!

I have been using binaural beats and isochronic beats for some time without real results but I now understand why. Your program is really great

I am a MD and have been using alternative therapies such as hypnosis and accupuncture in my practice with excellent results. The way you have presented this program will have a huge impact on how I conduct my hypnosis sessions

Best regards




All I can say is thank you my friend. You’ve hit a home run with the Money Acceleration Matrix.

Here’s why I say that:

I love what the Money Acceleration Matrix is doing to my brain. I can use it with or without headphones, as it seems to make no difference. I do use headphones if there is a lot going on around me and I really need to zero in and concentrate on something. Otherwise I let it play as background all day. It’s actually kind of addicting. Good thing it’s legal, or I’d be looking in dark alleys and on street corners trying to buy another fix which is now affordable because of how it conditions you to make more money.

I notice that not too long after I start the playback the music just kind of fades into the background and you really don’t hear it until you actually listen for it. You were right, volume doesn’t matter. Whether you listen loud or soft it continues to deliver.

Thanks again Harlan and don’t let this secret weapon fall in to the wrong hands.

Andy Patrylick

—Andy Patrylick

Get The Money Acceleration Matrix Today And Save!

Basic – $97
Turbo – $127